Eastwest Yonder

Eastwest Yonder one of our young Gaited Morgan stallions shown on his initial saddle ride.

Jellico Twilight Morn

Jellico Twilight Morn is one of our young home bred mares forming a basis for our future Gaited Morgans breeding program.

Westwind Joaquin

One of several Gaited Morgans via action shown in video section below.

Jellico Ramrod

One of four Gaited Morgans to be trained in 2015. 90 days professional training: Basic saddle training, obstacle training, 30 days trail work. Gaited Morgans for Sale page.

Gaited Morgans for Sale

Jellico Farms Gaited Morgans

Our Gaited Morgans for Sale are smooth as glass for the glide of your life! And as a bonus, Jellico Farms Gaited Morgans come in a rainbow of rare colors: Perlino; Cremello; and Splash White Gene. Plus the common Gaited Morgan colors of chestnut, black, palomino, bay and grey.

Our goal is to produce only even four beat Gaited Morgans for Sale who are naturally gaited from birth performing the saddle rack, rack and running walk.  More detailed gait explanations including visual and verbal descriptions are available on the website Gaited Morgans Association
Our Gaited Morgan horses have the noted Morgan temperaments and train ability.  We stand Gaited Morgan Stallions, or you can choose from one of our carefully planned Gaited Morgan foals.

As an aid in achieving our breeding goal of producing even four beat Gaited Morgans for Sale, but not our sole consideration will include using the SynchroGait Gene Test offered by UC Davis. This DNA gene results can be used predict odds of various combinations gait of offspring as shown in the below table. The DNA test will ID the horse’s gait genes as one of the following three. Homozygous A/A — the horse will perform ambling and lateral gaits. Heterozygous A/C — the horse will perform lateral gaits. Homozygous C/C — the horse will perform the walk, trot and canter. This is explained in greater detail in the following: SynchroGait Summary

AA x AA = 100% of the offspring will be AA

CA x AA = 50% will be AA and 50% will be CA

CA x CA = 25% will be AA, 50% will be CA, 25% will be CC

CA x CC = 50% will be CC and 50% will be CA

AA x CC = 100% will be CA

CC X CC= 100% will be CC

If you find a Gaited Morgan on this site not listed for sale, please contact for possible availability.


Gaited Morgans - Mares

We consider our Gaited Morgan mares to be the cornerstone of our future. Many are line bred to the best examples of previous breeding programs. As such, they consistently produce strongly Gaited Morgans with excellent breed type.

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Gaited Morgans - Videos

A great way to see "Naturally Gaited Morgans" in action ----videos---enjoy.

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Gaited Morgans - Stallions

We are very proud of our versatile, tractible Gaited Morgan stallions. We now offer several Gaited Morgans standing at stud to the public by Private Treaty. Our boys represent some of the finest Gaited Morgan breeding from Silvershoe, Mary Mel, and Westwind Joaquin which represents a Gaited Morgan outcropping Western Working Warner/Sweets breeding programs. These three have or will produce consistently smooth riding Gaited Morgans.

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Gaited Morgans for Sale

Gaited Morgans for Sale. Click the Learn More button to see those currently listed For Sale. If interested in purchasing Jellico Farms Gaited Morgans not listed, please inquire for possible sales of those shown in this site's Photo Gallery.

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Gaited Morgan Foals

We usually have a few well bred and strongly Gaited Morgan foals each spring for sale.

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Other Gaited Morgans

Featured are our young gaited prospects, trail riding partners and a few of our adult horses currently not being used in our breeding.

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